About us

It was a hot summer day when one of our founders, Panagiotis Tsougkrianis, was expecting a high profile international customer at his office in Athens, Greece.

Panagiotis knew that his customer had a love for Greek art, culture and heritage and he was an avid collector of Greek vases and other items.

Having lack of time, Panagiotis searched online to find something that would be of interest to his guest, as a gift. He started looking for ancient Greek vases and pottery reproductions, visiting museums and trying to find individual sellers or makers. After two hours of search, he gave up. 

The next day, he started again, this time looking for small marble scultpures, souvenirs, something. No result.

And so greecs.com was found.

After his initial frustration and disappointment with the state of digital presence of the Greek art producers nd makers Panagiotis realised that Greek art is really undervalued, the Greek craftsmen remain true to their art and don't know how to show it to the world, and that at best, they didn't even have an email to contact.  That's why he decided to launch greecs.com and make it a platform for all artists, museums, and craftsmen who don't know how and can't afford to create their own marketing. From jewelry to ancient technology, pottery, sculptures and award-winning modern pieces of art, greecs.com offers plenty to discover.

Greecs.com is an independent, privately funded project which was created out our frustration, in order to solve a problem - to enable art lovers, art collectors, interior designers, people tha tdecorate their home as well as fashion and accessories consumers to get unique, excquisiet and one of a kind peieces of art to their lives..

Quality and Amazing Service is What We Live For

Character, luxury and functionality; these are the three principles that guide the people behind greecs.com when selecting artifacts to be featured iin the website. With a deep respect to a 3,000 years old history as well as contemporary art from modern, award-winning creators, greecs.com mission is to offer you carefully-crafted works of art made of the finest quality of materials available. Every object that you see on Greecs.com's website has been picked with you in mind. Whether made as an ancient reproduction, contemporary design items or simply representing a modern interpretation of Greek lieftyle and culture, all items display characteristics that transform an item to an object of desire.

Get Exclusive Pieces of Art at the Greek Culture Society

Become a member of the GCS - free for a limited time - and get exclusive pieces of art released by artists before are announced on our site at a special, members-only pre-release pricing. We are working hard to also provide our members free one-day passes to museums and selected restaurants, as well as discounts to events during the summer period.

Work with us

Are you a museum curator or artist and would you like to see your creations included on the Greecs platform? Contact us at info@greecs.com to explore the possibility of collaboration.