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Aeneas' Cryptographic Disc

In a time of wars between ancient Greek cities, slightly before Alexander joins them together for conquering Asia, Aeneas Tacticus, an expert on the ancient art of war, discovered a smart system of sending encrypted messages to allied forces: the cryptographic disc.

His system consisted of a disc with holes, one for each letter of the alphabet, spreading along the border. The message was recorded on the disc by passing a thread to the appropriate holes; the recipient decrypted message by pulling the thread, and receiving letters in reverse order.

Two and a half thousand years on, Aeneas’ line, as the system is known, is considered as one of the earliest examples of encryption as we now know it.

Greecs.com challenges you to crack Aeneas’ code. Use your own disc-and-thread set to challenge your guests at a game night, bedazzle kids during family fun time or send encrypted greetings to a loved one.

Aeneas’ cryptographic disc set comes as a certified modern reproduction of lost originals based on ancient sources, courtesy of the Museum of Ancient Greek Technology.

Supplied with instructions - Limited Quantities available.

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Partner: Museum of Ancient Greek Technology
Product Code: 012-KD1K
9,5x9,5x2 cm
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