Ancient Greek Sandals that bind to the ankle with decorative ceramic elements on the laces.

Ancient Greek style sandals made of leather, perfect for this summer. Classic design with crossed laces. The length of the cords is such that it allows you to tie them either around your ankle or higher, below the knee.

The ceramic beads are bearing painted and/or incised decoration often glazed or gilded. Produced from different clays they are combined with blue-green beads of Egyptian faience, glass, sea-shells or semi-precious stones and they created in the workshop of the famous pottery artist THETIS. The sandals are of premium quality leather, non-slip sole and unique strength seam. They are comfortable and can be worn at all times of the day, from morning to night. They are available in all sizes.

All ceramic products by THETIS's workshop are handmade and hand-decorated according to ancient techniques and material. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin, all objects are marked with elemental tagging techniques.

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Partner: Thetis
Product Code: 008-SANDALS1
Leather, Ceramic
26 x 9.9 cm.
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