The Ancient Greek Toys Collection "Athyrmata", large box D

Ancient toys in a box: spinning top (stromvos), rattle (platagi), buzzer (iynx), 5 ceramic knucklebones (astragaloi), 2 marbles marbles (spheria). Collection for boys and girls. Also suitable for teachers and trainers.

Athyrmata, plur. of athyrma: toy as opposed to game.

The ceramic toys by THETIS are handmade and hand-painted prior to firing following the ancient techniques and materials. They are therefore unique and differ slightly in color and shape. As they do not contain any toxic substances or especially small parts they are safe to be used by children.

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Partner: Thetis
Product Code: 008-TH2012A04D
Ceramic, wool
15.5x11 cm
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