Attic Black Figure Kylix - The Greek Wine Cup

A usable, Attic black figure micrographic kylix, used by ancient Greek to drink wine in symposiums, feasts and celebrations. The decoration is based on a prototype of an Attic workshop of the 6th century BCE. The original is currently exhibited at the Staatliche Antiken- sammlungen München museum in Germany.

This is a 100% handmade and hand painted item, and to construct it takes more than 1.5 hours in total in a span of 10 working days - from making it on the wheel, thinning the inner walls, adding the handles, then drying in open air, then painting and finally baking it at a special furnace that has been developed by Thetis Attic Black.

For that reason the workshop is only producing 10 numbered and certified pieces available to collectors and those who appreciate the ancient Greek pottery art, worldwide. We only have
left, so when it’s gone, it’s gone!

All ceramic products by THETIS's workshop are handmade and hand-decorated according to ancient techniques and material. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin, all objects are marked with elemental tagging techniques.

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Partner: Thetis
Product Code: 008-TH2016E12
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