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CD Released 1994.

The most famous publication of the Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association. These Carnival songs with their ritual bawdiness – ‘sacred in the profane’ – disturbed the prudish devotees of tradition. The recordings (on CD and double LP) come with a detailed booklet analysing the pagan and ritualistic context in which these songs are performed; essentially connected to a specific season of the cosmic year, they are believed to have a sacred efficiency according to rural society’s popular perceptions.

1. Summons to the Carnival

2. It Is the Custom Every Year (Naxos Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

3. Together With My Aunt Kontylo (Alatsata, Asia Minor), [feat. Dimitris Zacharias]

4. Balos (Cyclades) , feat. Nikos Oikonomidis]

5. On the Last Days of Carnival (Drymos, Thessaly)

6. Here They Call the Fanny Yiota (Drymos, Thessaly)

7. Auntie Nikolakaina (Euboea), [feat. Charilaos Tsaktsiras]

8. Five and Ten Priests' Wives (Kastoria)

9. Yannaros Expired (Karpathos Island), [feat. Manolis Philippakis]

10. Dance from Pyrgi (Chios Island), feat. Nikos Oikonomidis]

11. A Cunt up in the Cherry-Tree (Thessaly)

12. Full Forty Cunts Encircled Me (Kozani), [feat. Tzikas Anastasopoulos]

13. What Am I, Poor Wretch, To Do (Thrace), [feat. Vangelis Dimoudis]

14. If I Could Be upon the Shore (Central Greece), [feat. Samiou]

15. A Braggart of a Cunt (Thessaly)

16. Kangeli Dance from Livanates (Central Greece)

17. Now List, Good Man (Macedonia), [feat. Charilaos Tsaktsiras]

18. An Old Man Was Approaching (Patmos Island)

19. Old Grandfather Rangavelas (Kozani), [feat. Vangelis Dourvas]

20. On the Final Days of Carnival (Thessaly)

21. I Have Grown Old, Goddam It (Central Greece), [feat. Manolis Ballas]

22. How Do They Grind the Pepper (Epirus)

23. Dance from Kavodoro (Euboea), feat. Nikos Oikonomidis]

24. He's Dead Is Master Meat (Central Greece), [feat. Domna Samiou]

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-18
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