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Domna Samiou Sings Songs of Nature and of Love

DVD Released 2007.

This videotaped stage performance, held at the Odeon of Herodes Atticus on 11th of October 2005, includes songs and rituals related to the cycle of the agricultural year, rewarding human labour and telling of man’s relationship to nature.

1. Τhe Dawn of Dawn (Crete), [feat. Antonis Martsakis]

2. Little White Bird A-Sitting (Ierissos, Chalkidiki), [feat. Domna Samiou]

3. River, Dry Gorge (Central Greece), [feat. Domna Samiou]

4. I Went up High on Olympus (Thessaly), [feat. Domna Samiou]

5. Ιnto the Vineyard (Attica)

6. My Broad-Leaved Vine (Peloponnese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

7. Do Ta Pres Kotside Te (Attica), [feat. Zacharias Karounis]

8. Fragrant Little Lemon (Attica)

9. Winter and Autumn (Central Greece), [feat. Domna Samiou]

10. Come Out, My Sun, Come out (Peloponnese), [feat. Zacharias Karounis]

11. Ploughed Garden of Mine (Peloponnese), [feat. Zacharias Karounis]

12. January Violet (Skyros island)

13. Last Night in the Starlight (Epirus), [feat. Michalis Zambas]

14. Beam, Dear Moon (Peloponnese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

15. Forty Five Lemon Trees (Ierissos, Chalkidiki), [feat. Domna Samiou]

16. Call (Volakas, Drama)

17. High on That Mountain (Volakas, Drama)

18. Come Out, Dear Mother-In-Low (Volakas, Drama)

19. Wrapped up Warm in Kisses (Volakas, Drama)

20. Hasapiá (Volakas, Drama)

21. Vangelítsa (Volakas, Drama)

22. Improvisation on the Bowed Tambourá, [feat. Evgenios Voulgaris]

23. My Curly Basil (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

24. All the Birds, Two by Two (Peloponnese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

25. River, Dear River of Mine, [feat. Domna Samiou]

26. Τhe Maid Climbed up to the Summer Pasture (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

27. Sérra (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

28. Kótsari (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

29. A Partridge I Did Tame (Rhodos island), [feat. Katerina Papadopoulou]

30. What Did I Do to You, My Sun (Phourni island), [feat. Katerina Papadopoulou]

31. Hitzaírri (Megara, Attica), [feat. Dimitris Ilias]

32. Moiná Nená (Megara, Attica), [feat. Dimitris Ilias]

33. Lepeniótiko Kangéli (Megara, Attica)

34. Saint John (Thrace) [feat. Vangelis Dimoudis]

35. Asia Minor Kledon

36. We Have a Wedding Today (Samos island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

37. Red Apple of Mine (Macedonia), [feat. Domna Samiou]

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-37
13x19 cm
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