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Double CD Released 1998.

This significant edition aims to convey the spirit of Easter, the Christian feast celebrated amidst the glory and promise of springtime, through the selected rituals of that period of the year and their related sacred songs and tunes.


1. Carnival Is Ended Now (Megara, Attica), [feat. Domna Samiou]

2. Now Is the Holy Time of Lent (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

3. Evyenoula (Mykonos Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

4. Sweet Basil of the Holy Cross (Larissa)

5. Zaphiris (Epiros) Androniki Martino, [feat. Zacharoula Motska]

6. It Is the Feast of Lazarus (Kozani)

7. Im Wearing a White Rose (Kozani)

8. A Teacher Seated Himself down (Kozani), [feat. Stergiani Gourtzoumi]

9. Good Women Bearing Palms (Grevena)

10. Where Are You, Lazarus? (Central Greece)

11. Childrens Holy Week Song

12. Sounds from the Crucifixion Service on Maundy Thursday

13. The Lament of the Virgin (Cyprus)

14. The Lament of the Virgin (Thrace)

15. The Lament of the Virgin (Propontis)

16. The Lament of the Virgin (Fourni Island)

17. The Lament of the Virgin (Fourni Island)

18. The Lament of the Virgin (Reisdere, Asia Minor)

19. The Lament of the Virgin (Pontos)

20. The Lament of the Virgin (Asia Minor)

21. The Lament of the Virgin (Lesvos Island)

22. Sounds from the Easter Service

23. Glory Be To Every Day (Island), [feat. Fragiskos Fatouros]

24. Christ Is Risen (Meli, Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

25. Today, Despo (Grevena), [feat. Vassiliki Danga]

26. Now Hear Me… (Ierissos, Chalkidiki)

27. Leilalim (Cappadocia)

28. The Swing (Naxos Island), [feat. Sophia Korre]

29. The Roussalia (Megara, Attica)


1. Today, My Dark-Eyed Beauty (Peloponnese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

2. Down in the Open Countryside (Peloponnese), [feat. Thanassis Moraitis]

3. It’s Eastertime (Thrace), [feat. Theopoula Doitsidi, Lambriana Doitsidi]

4. Maria’ s Gone To Pick Some Lilac (Thrace), [feat. Theopoula Doitsidi, Lambriana Doitsidi]

5. Synkathistos (Thrace)

6. For a Whole Seven Weeks... (Meli, Asia Minor)

7. Again They Entered in the Dance (Reisdere, Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

8. The May Month (Propontis), [feat. Domna Samiou]

9. Karsilamas (Asia Minor)

10. Easter Couplets (Pontus), [feat. Yiorgos Amarantidis]

11. April, April, Cool and Fresh (Central Greece)

12. It Is May Month (Central Greece)

13. A Festival Is Being Held (Central Greece), [feat. Antonis Kyritsis]

14. Easter Couplets (), [feat. Andreas Varvatakis]

15. My Son, Why Dont You Go and Wash? (Epirus), [feat. Antonis Kyritsis]

16. Today, Dear George... (Epirus), [feat. Antonis Kyritsis]

17. Just Like Easter Sunday (Kastellorizo Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

18. Song of Saint George (Skiathos Island)

19. All Attend At Church (Euboea), [feat. Domna Samiou]

20. Ta Melitzania (Cyclades)

21. Why, It Was Easter Day (Ierissos, Chalkidiki), [feat. Domna Samiou]

22. God Speed You Now, O Easter Day (Grevena)

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-20
15x13 cm
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