"Enneadi", a variation of the ancient Greek game trias, today's tic-tac-toe

The name "enneadai" comes from the current names of the game we know as “nine in a row” or ennead or ninestone. Perhaps this is a variation of the ancient Greek game trias, today's tic-tac-toe.

The game's board was three blocks, one inside the other. The centers of the sides were joined in straight lines to form four crosses, one on each side of the middle square. Thus, 16 positions for trias were created.

The game started with the lottery for who would play first, who also had the opportunity to choose a vital point for his initial pillar. The goal of the game was to form a trias, placing three pillars in a straight line, then removing a pillar from the opponent, whichever he wanted. The lost was the one left with only two pillars.

There is a view that the game was invented by the Romans, who introduced it to the ancient Greeks when the Roman Empire arrived in Greece. On the other hand, Greek historian-researcher Christos Lazos expresses his objections, saying that no resource confirms this view. He considers that "Enneada" is a variation of the ancient game "trias", which has Greek origins. According to him, the intellectual games using pawns already existed and are a completely Greek invention, since the Trojan War at least, as is mentioned in relative lemmas. Of course, we do not have clear data, but this is the case with all ancient Greek games, without their origin being questioned.

Many engraved games were found in the Great Propylaea of Elefsina and less in Epidaurus, which were probably engraved there by people who visited the areas during the classical and pre-classical times.

Finally, "Enneada" is one of the most popular games of the Middle Ages, along with backgammon and chess, among women and men of all social classes.

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