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Epic Songs of Warriors and Heroes

Double CD Released 2017.

The publication includes 30 songs, inspired by the popular tradition of story-telling, relating tales of brave warriors, both high-ranked lords and lowly soldiers. Centering on heroic Digenis, they originate from all parts of Greece. The publication also contains a detailed booklet analyzing the history surrounding the songs, and their interpretation. The collection is the first to be issued by the Association since Domna’s death in 2012.


1. Kostantis the Only Son (Thrace), [feat. Zacharias Karounis]

2. Young Kostantinos [The Evil Mather-in-low] (Northern Thrace)

3. Young Kostantakis [The Evil Mather-in-low] (Skiathos), [feat. Katerina Papadopoulou]

4. Kalomoiris and the Saracen [The Song of Armouris] (Karpathos), [feat. Kostas Antimissiaris]

5. A Widow Bore a Child [The Song of Porphyris] (Cappadocia), [feat. Domna Samiou]

6. A Nun with Child [The Song of Porphyris] (Euboea), [feat. Sotiris Krisilas]

7. By Command of the King [The Song of Porphyris] (Limnos), [feat. Stavros Lantouris]

8. Tune from Farasa (Cappadocia), [feat. Socrates Sinopoulos]

9. Now the Birds [A Soldier and aTree] [feat. Domna Samiou]

10. A Young Lad [A Soldier and aTree] (Thrace), [feat. Yannis Zafiroudis]

11. Maranton [The Evil Mather-in-low] (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

12. The Abduction of Levandis’ Daughter by Digenis (Cyprus), [feat. Michalis Tterlikkas]

13. I Grapped the Apple (Cyprus), [feat. Christos Konstantinou]

14. As Akritas Was Ploughing [The Abduction of Akritas’ Wife] (Pontus), [feat. Nikos Papavramidis]

15. Mavrianos' Threshing Floor [The Wager of Giannis and the Sun] (Chalkidiki, Macedonia), [feat. Domna Samiou]


1. Tsamandas [The Fight of Tsamados with His Son] (Propontis), [feat. Domna Samiou]

2. Kostantis and the Crab (Rhodes), [feat. Yannis Kladakis]

3. Andronikos and the Princess (Karpathos), [feat. Kostas Antimissiaris]

4. Feasting Lords Eating and Drinking [Andronikos and His Steed] (Karpathos), [feat. Manolis Philippakis]

5. When Kostantis Was Begging (Crete), [feat. Antonis Martsakis]

6. The Castle of Beauty (Chios), [Marianthi Almyroudi, Evangelia Sarantinoudi]

7. An Eagle Soared (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

8. The Young Vlach's Song (Epirus), [feat. Lambros Goumenos]

9. Kostantis and Kostantas [The Death of Digenis] (Epirus), [feat. Domna Samiou]

10. Charon and the Brave Men [The Death of Digenis] (Crete), [feat. Yannis Katakis]

11. Last Night I Crossed Rivers [The Death of Digenis] (Crete), [feat. Antonis Martsakis]

12. Akritas Goes Hunting [The Death of Digenis] (Pontus), [feat. Ilias Yfantidis]

13. Charon Wore Black [The Death of Digenis] (Cyprus), [feat. Christos Sikkis]

14. Zeibekikos (Cyprus), Christos Konstantinou]

15. Digenis Is Dying [The Death of Digenis] (Thrace), [feat. Katerina Papadopoulou]

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-32
15x13 cm
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