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The volume is based on the Diary of Australian Lieutenant James De Mole Carstairs. He gives an hour-by-hour account of his participation in the Battle of Crete in the Chania area, his stranding on the island, his six-month wanderings, hiding in the mountains and his eventual escape at the end of November 1941. Testimonies vol. 7, Society of Cretan Historical Studies. Heraklion, 2016. Greek-english language edition.

The author James De Mole Carstairs was born in Melbourne in October 1914 and has a Scottish background. In 1939 he volunteered in the army and after a long term, he was discharged with the rank of Lieutenant Colonel. Returning to Australia, he chose the peaceful and calm life of a breeder. However, in 1991 he attended the celebrations for the 50th anniversary of the Battle of Crete, from which come the narrations of the project “Escape to Crete”.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
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12x17 cm.
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