Gods and Heroes "Hercules"

Educational digging kit and ceramic puzzle of variable geometry depicting "Hercules"- Gods and Heroes series. Find and assemble the fragments of a handmade decorated ceramic plaque (pinax) of Greek Mythology. Make your own unique and collectible puzzle. The kit contains fragments of a black-figure pinax encased in a mixture of earth materials, a wooden excavation tool, a dust mask, a magnetic board with self-adhesive tape, a cardboard with metallic plaque for display and instructions.

The pinax depictsHercules fighting the Lernaean Hydra. Detail from a Caeretan black figure hydria, ca. 525 BCE attributed to "Eagle" Painter (Getty Villa, Callifornia,USA).

Every puzzle is unique and different. THETIS's products are handmade and hand-decorated prior to firing following the original techniques and materials. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin, all objects are marked with elemental tagging techniques.

ΘΕΤΙΣ/Attic Black Studio.
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Product Code: 008-ΤΗ2012Β03E
Ceramic, plaster, soil, wood, metal, cardboard