Gods and Heroes "Theseus" Archaeology Digging Kit For Kids

Educational digging kit and ceramic puzzle of variable geometry showing "Theseus"- Gods and Heroes series. Find and assemble the fragments of a handmade decorated ceramic plaque (pinax) of Greek Mythology. Make your own unique and collectible puzzle. The kit contains fragments of a black-figure pinax encased in a mixture of earth materials, a wooden excavation tool, a dust mask, a magnetic board with self-adhesive tape, a cardboard with metallic plaque for display and instructions.

The pinax features a scene with Theseus with Minotaur, from a black figure Boeotian skyphos; circa 550 BC. (Collection of the Louvre Museum, Paris).

Every puzzle is unique and different. THETIS's products are handmade and hand-decorated prior to firing following the original techniques and materials. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin, all objects are marked with elemental tagging techniques.

Highly collectable, as we only have limited quantities available!
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Partner: Thetis
Product Code: 008-ΤΗ2012Β03D
Ceramic, plaster, soil, wood, metal, cardboard
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