"Northern Lights" Pendant (silver, gold plated)

The George Zongolopoulos Foundation offers a timeless silver, gold plated pendant inspired by one of the artist’ s most beloved motifs.

Like a wizard, George Zongolopoulos could create magical shapes out of the most crude materials. This is the case of a series of sculptures he named “Compositions”, with scrap metal transformed into shapes similar to flowing curtains.

The motif truly reminds of the Northern Lights, the bright dancing lights characteristic of the Polar nights, which everyone would love to bring closer.

The Northern Lights pendant, featuring Zongolopoulos’ Compositions motif, can be the perfect gift for everyone wishing to discover our world’s most magical corners.

Elegant and much more versatile than you'd think, it will look amazing with anything from a LBD to a slouchy sweater.

This pendant is made in 925 silver, 24K gold plated with metal thread cord available in: silver, gold, dark grey or black.

The jewelry is sealed, while accompanied by the description of the original sculpture and certified for authenticity by the George Zongolopoulos Foundation.

Every item is offered in gift packaging.

In stock
Partner: George Zongolopoulos Foundation
Product Code: 006-SG-P-01-N
3.3x2 cm.
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