Hand Made Red Figure Mug “Armed Owl Of Athens”

This is a reproduction of cylindrical mug/cup with a hand painted red figure showing an armed owl, inspired by an ancient prototype from the Louvre Museum Collection.

The original cup/mug is believed to come from an Attic ceramic workshop, around 457-450 BCE. The owl is the symbol of Goddess Athena and the City of Athens and it also represented in the Athenian coins.

In the red figure mug the armed owl is represented within branches of bay leaves or olive leaves and shows either the city of Athens ready for war or wisdom.

To create this mug it takes more than 3.5 hours of combined work and a total of 10 working days, which include morphing the clay, shaving off any particles that stand out, thinning off the walls, putting the grips, then drying and painstakingly painting it, baking at 1,000C, and then quality control and packing.

For this reason Attic Black produces only 50 pieces per year of this product, where as just 1 is offered for sale by, so it is extremely rare and collectible! This is a usable product, not just a display item!.

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