Hematite necklace with brass sandal miniature "Trochadi" pendant

The Trochadi sandal is probably one of the rare handicrafts that has remained unaffected from the trends of our times.

Even though its origin dates back to antiquity, the trochadi is still produced and used on its place of origin, the Greek Island of Skyros.

"Trochadia" are the leather, durable shoes (something between sandal and slippers) worn by the shepherds on Skyros island in Greece.

Sometime, the skin of the soles was replaced by a car hose and the Skyrians began to call them "pirellia".

Many Skyrians still wear them. But the "trochadia" can be seen elsewhere: designer Doly Bukoyianni makes jewellery - and not only - with miniature sandals in gold, silver and bronze.

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Partner: Dolly Boucoyannis
Product Code: 024-DBP-2-002
Brass, Hematite
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