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I Tread the Earth Gently

CD Released 2008.

This CD is the proof of what an enthusiast Maecenas can achieve! Here Domna collected some of her most favorite songs: slow and tranquil, melodious and sad; songs of sorrow and of love, of parting and of loved ones far away. These songs are rarely, if ever, included in any commercial repertoire but are included here thanks to friends and sponsors.

1. A Fair Maid Did Sing (Paros Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

2. I See Ships A-Coming (Thrace), [feat. Domna Samiou]

3. Last Summer (Constantinople), [feat. Domna Samiou]

4. What Ails You, Crow (Ikaria Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

5. Vary Vrakadiko (Island), Instumental

6. It's in May the Partridge Sings (Skyros Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

7. Improvisation, [feat. Evgenios Voulgaris]

8. May Your Window Catch Fire (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

9. I Was Far Away, but Now I’m Back (Thrace), [feat. Domna Samiou]

10. A Blue Dove (Macedonia), [feat. Domna Samiou]

11. Who Ever Saw a Tree of Green (Thrace), [feat. Domna Samiou]

12. I Will Sing Tonight (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

13. My Precious (Dodecanese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-28
15x13 cm
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