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CD Released 1995.

This CD includes songs and tunes in ‘7 beats to the bar’ (the rhythm of kalamatianos dances) and in ‘9 beats to the bar’ (the rhythm of zeibekikos and karsilamas dances) with lyrics and melodies both erotic and sorrowful.

1. Kanelóriza (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

2. Do Not Nurture Any Doubts (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

3. My Aching Breast (Eastern Aegean), [feat. Domna Samiou]

4. There Are Hearts That Laugh (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

5. Karsilamas (Asia Minor)

6. Sokiani (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

7. D'You Hear the Water-Mills (Macedonia)

8. This Lovely Summer... (Lesvos Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

9. Mandilatos (Eastern Roumelia), [feat. Nikos Philippidis]

10. So, I Decided I'D Become... (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

11. To Whom Then Shall I Tell My Woe (Lesvos Island), [feat. Domna Samiou]

12. Karsilamas (Pelion)

13. You, Sweet Lass (Asia Minor), [feat. Domna Samiou]

14. Vassilo Kalamatiani (Peloponnese), [feat. Domna Samiou]

15. Dance Tune (Chalkidiki)

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Partner: Domna Samiou Greek Folk Music Association
Product Code: 020-D-19
14x13 cm
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