Aerakis - Cretan Musical Workshop & Seistron

Born in the early of ‘70s, a decade with dynamic progress on Cretan music, a progress which Cretan musical workshop brought from the scene and cultivate it.

Their target is to support the tradition and constantly propose quality productions mainly from the Cretan musical tradition and poetry as well as other species of ethnic and folk music world.

Unique and unrepeatable seen by the public and professionals the 400 music productions made by Cretan musical workshop until today. The main life work was an initiative registration and a complete authentic series of ten distinct musical works, titled: "OI PROTOMASTORES TIS KRITIKIS MOUSIKIS (FIRST MASTERS OF CRETAN MUSIC 1920-1955) milestone in Cretan musical history and valuable material for scholars of the future generation.

Also important the: "Oi Koryfaioi 1955-1995" (The top artists of Cretan music 1955-1995), Cretan saints, Thanasis Skordalos 1920-1998, Stelios Foustalieris 1911-1992, Kostas Mountakis rare live recordings, Ta radiofonika (Radio stations 1960-70), Cretan epic, Arkadi epic.


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