Antonis Palles Ceramics

Antonis Palles is a well known greek clay sculptor and creator of the Not Excavated Yet Collection. The "Not Excavated Yet collection" consists of ceramic artefacts inspired -mostly but not exclusively- from Ancient Greek and Cypriot forms and motifs, aiming to the creation of original modern artwork.

Those artefacts are made with a unique method that makes them look really and genuinely old. This persuasive presentation set by itself a decorative suggestion of extensive use.

Numerous pieces from the Not Excavated Yet collection have been sold to museums, private collectors, scientists, diplomats, artists and “anonymous” buyers.

Under the correct lighting and proper display these artefacts are transformed and look imposing, pleasing, even amusing and, above all, unique pieces of art. You can find Ancient Greek, Cypriot, Etruscan, Phoenician, Sumerian, Egyptian and Celtic forms and motifs combined for the creation of one single piece.

Usually, the artist is using all different kind of clay in each one artefact (white, yellow and red clay). The temperature of the oven fire is 900-1100o C and he is using cold colours. Sometimes he also employs copper plating, when he needs to underline additional decorative elements.

It’s all about a completely hand made work; therefore the production is limited. Each item is absolutely unique. They may be “look like” the ones you see on this site, but they are not, by any means, exactly the same.


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    Cycladic idol

    The Cycladic statue, a lovely, iconic, mysterious idol created in the Aegean islands.