Center for the Research and Promotion of Greek Music Tradition

The Center for the Research and Promotion of Greek Music Tradition (Music, Folklore and Literature Archives of Simon and Angeliki Karas) was founded in 2009 by the wife of Simon Karas, Angeliki Karas. The educational project is the core of the Center's activities, as the Greek music school founded by Simon Karas in the 1920s continues to function, becoming the longest-lasting Greek music school in Greece, as it has been around for about 100 years of uninterrupted presence and offering.

Byzantine music, vocal, instruments, instrumentation, theoretical Greek music and traditional dance are the teaching subjects –via Skype throughout the world too. There are also children's sections, where children playfully know music and dance.

The archives of Simon and Angeliki Karas consists of a huge and unique music archive, concerning both the folk and the scholar tradition, of a valuable library with old manuscripts of Byzantine music, of a small photographic archive of historical importance, of a rare collection of organs and traditional clothing, as well as of the correspondence of Simon Karas.

Continuing in Simon Karas' footsteps, the Center collects folklore material through the systematic digitization of family archives, organizes folklore missions, and promotes research collaborating with special researchers. The central concern of the Center is that the richness of this archival and research material becomes accessible to the whole of society. Already there are in progress series of publications concerning music and the Greek civilization in general.

On the other hand, the Center functions as a collection and distribution area for publications and products related to Greek culture, always keeping music as its core. Among other things, it brings the audience in touch with remarkable music publications that till now have spread only locally. In this manner supports the work of active communities and individuals, especially in the Greek province –both morally and financially.


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