Tabula Lusoria

Tabula Lusoria Ancient Table Games is a craftsman concept that loves to take natural materials and gives them a new reason for existence: making them able to be used for board games, to help people learn more about Ancient Greek Civilization with a more direct and funny way, in the same way as Ancient Greeks would do, by playing.

But most of all, Tabula Lusoria is an new effort of some Greek gamers, historians, designers, craftsmen and craftswomen.

Tabula Lusoria constructs ancient Greek board games like Petteia, Eneadai, Trias and more. Moreover, Tabula Lusoria loves to study and share all about Ancient Civilizations, to play games, to learn, to create, to have fun, to offer...

Tabula Lusoria is based at the suburbs of Thessaloniki (named by the sister of Alexander the Great, a place known for its Ancient Agora and its proximity to Olympus, the mountain of Ancient Gods and Stagira, the birthplace of Aristotle himself).


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