Anna Moraitou Design

Anna Moraitou, the designer behind Anna Moraitou Design, was born in Athens. She graduated from the Higher School of Architecture and completed her Masters in the Postgraduate Program of the National Technical University of Athens. By working on new forms of design, she uses materials and forms we traditionally find in architecture to create useful items that serve everyday needs. She creates furniture and objects, in simple or complex forms, which upgrade the aesthetics and quality of the personal and public spaces. Lately, she has been experimenting with clay, wood, concrete and plexiglass to give a new dimension to objects such as handbags and jewelry, escaping from the traditional fashion patterns and introducing modern industrial design structures. Strongly influenced by her architectural studies, these bags are the result of a survey over their particular structure. Her designs show a correlation between fashion and architecture, where the form implies the way of construction and operation, and the truth of construction, materiality, transparency and intense geometry prevails. Anna Moraitou is an award winning designer including TOP DESIGN SELECTION, A DESIGN AWARD, DESIGN AND DESIGN AWARD and FAVORITE DESIGN AWARD.

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