Handmade woman’s necklace of silver biconical beads (“abrakami”) with geometric granular decoration. The original also bears an ornate cross. Replica of a piece in the Historical Museum of Crete Ethnographic Collection, Crete, early 20th c.

"Αbrakamos" ( plural “abrakamoi”) is a type of traditional Cretan necklace made up of large metallic biconical beads. According to another version, the term refers to the beads themselves.

Made of gold or, in a more accessible version, of gold-plated metal, abrakamoi beads are embossed with a relief surface, decorated with ornate filigree patterns and sometimes precious stones. An integral part of the Cretan women traditional costume, the necklace is also associated to wedding customs, as it was often given to brides-to-be as a present from their prospective husbands.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
Product Code: 007-328
53 cm.
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