The Cretan Doll Pendant

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Who doesn't love dolls? From the dawn of time, dolls of multiple forms, shapes and materials were girls’ first and most cherished toys, as well as their companion in imagining their future as loving mothers and housewives or doting friends.

Ancient dolls of clay remind us of the daily life of children during ancient times. Evolving from simple to more complex forms (like moving their arms and legs), they now represent objects that makes the past relevant to the present, making us connect to their childhood self and, through it, the generations of children past.

This doll was used as a model for Phoebus and Athena, the two mascots of the Athens 2004 Olympic Games.

This hidden charm of clay dolls inspired Myrto Politaki in the creation of necklaces featuring a ceramic miniature doll-pendant.
The doll’s legs pass through a small wire to give the feeling of movement, while the decoration is a reproduction of authentic ancient motifs from a late 4th century mosaic now held at the Early Byzantine Collection of the HMC. The result is an elegant yet moving piece of jewelry that can be worn in any occasion and attracts attention.

Myrto’s necklace can be the perfect gift and keepsake for you, your family, or your best friend.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
Product Code: 007-189
Terracotta, fired at 1000 °C
7 cm.
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