"4 seasons" Pendant (green, red, yellow, grey)

Pendant in 925 silver with colored enamel, with metal thread cord available in: silver, gold, dark grey or black. True miniature of the sculpture created in 1993 and exhibited in the Venice Biennale the same year.

The jewelry is sealed, while accompanied by the description of the original sculpture and certified for authenticity by the George Zongolopoulos Foundation.

Every item is offered in gift packaging.

"My umbrellas overhear the universe," George Zongolopoulos himself had said about his trademark motif, the umbrella.

Zongolopoulos used the umbrellas for the first time as a motif in his work in 1986, probably following an idea of his wife, Eleni Zongolopoulou, whose works display umbrellas at least a decade earlier.

In 1993 he created a hydro-electric sculpture called "Umbrellas", which was exhibited with great success at the Venice Biennial and was finally was installed, following a competition, in the EU Council Building in Brussels. A similar project of smaller dimensions adorns the entrance of the Macedonian Museum of Contemporary Art.

In 1995, the Venice Biennial hosted a different, static installation called "Umbrellas", a sculpture mounted on a floating platform at the entrance of the exhibition. Two years later, in 1997, this sculpture was set up at Thessaloniki's New Beach, on the occasion of the city's operation as a cultural capital. In 2017 "Umbrellas" completed 20 years of presence in the public space of Thessaloniki having gained a unique popularity among the city’s inhabitants, and the subsequent title "The umbrellas of Thessaloniki".

Since 1998, a variant of the project has been installed at Faros Psychiko in Athens. As a motif, the umbrellas are also used at the "Atrium" installation, located at the Syntagma Metro Station in Athens.

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Partner: George Zongolopoulos Foundation
Product Code: 006-SR-P-05-GRYG-N
6.5x2.8 cm.
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