Gods and Heroes "Achilles", Ceramic Puzzle (Pinax)

Variable geometry ceramic puzzle. The "Achilles" puzzle of the series "Gods and Heroes" consists of randomly broken pieces of a handmade decorated ceramic plaque (pinax) depicting Achilles ambushing Troilus. Scene from a Laconian black figure Dinos, 560-540 BCE, attributed to "Rider" Painter (Collection of the Louvre Museum, Paris). The educational kit contains a magnetic board with self - adhesive tape to support the ceramic puzzle and a black cardboard for its display. Suitable for children and adults.

Every puzzle is unique and different. THETIS's products are handmade and hand-decorated prior to firing following the original techniques and materials. In order to prevent any misrepresentation regarding their origin, all objects are marked with elemental tagging techniques.

ΘΕΤΙΣ/Attic Black Studio.
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Partner: Thetis
Product Code: 008-ΤΗ2012Β04E
Ceramic, metal, cardboard
15.5x11 cm
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