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The name of this floor/table lamp POPEYE refers mainly to its Pop art characteristics but was also inspired by the cartoon hero Popeye the sailorman. The ‘eye’ of the lamp protrudes outwards.

Reflecting a desire to look beyond and form a new outlook on life and the world around. The saturation that exists in rounded lamps and the way in which the light shines from them, led me to create a new lamp that is ‘born’ from the round exterior metallic shell. The old and used give rise to the new, shiny and bright.

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Partner: Κontaki Design
Product Code: 017-KN-PE-0010
bronze chrome/ plated bronze/ gold bronze/ electrostatic powder/ cuprum Electrical lamp adeleq lumen 4w 300lm, 230v 160o Dimmer
w.33 X h.115 X d.33
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