Millenia-old symbols of hope for the peoples of Greece, the Mediterranean and beyond, have been the inspiration and primary motif of luxury bookmarks released by the Historical Museum of Crete.

Trees are prominent in the mythologies of the ancient Near East but also Greece; whether in the form of the Tree of Life of the ancient Orient, the oracular oak of North Western Greece or Athena’s olive tree, trees are associated with creation, wisdom, knowledge and natural sustainability.

The snake had been seen as an image of protection, associated with Goddess Athena but also the gods of health, Asclepius and Hygeia.

A motif of high artistic value, it has been applied to the unique quality silver bookmarks of the Historical Museum of Crete, together with the Museum’s logo. The result is an impressive silver vintage style bookmark that could become an heirloom to passed along with your most precious books.

If you belong to those people who appreciate the art of living, mark pages of books that inspire you with a HMC bookmark.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
Product Code: 007-349-1
6 cm.
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