Silver sandal miniature "Trochadi" Keyring

If you love all finer things in life, this particular handmade creation would be the best choice. Careful construction results in an elaborate "trochadi". For those who do not know what "trochadia" are, they have the opportunity to appreciate the peculiarity of the keyring.

The "trochadia" are the characteristic shoes of the Skyrians (Skyros is one of the thousands Greek islands).

Made of leather and later by car tires (and so they call it "pirellia", too), the"trochadia" have survived the passage of time.

Many on the island even prefer them today. Previously, however, the shepherds of the island used to wear them. But the "trochadia" are no longer for our legs but also for our keys. Designer Doly Bukoyianni has created these ornate keyrings with miniature "trochadia" of silver or bronze.

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Partner: Dolly Boucoyannis
Product Code: 024-DB_003_01
Silver 925, Leather
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