Spherical Trias or Triodin – tabula lusoria

The spherical trias is a sophisticated and more complex version of the simple trias, which is an ancestor of the tic-tac-toe, as it is known to us. The original trias was the simplest of intellectual games and was found in two types of formations, square and circular. With the spherical triple the complexity of the game increased as well as the opportunities to achieve a trias.

The spherical trias was a circular shape cut on a flat surface and divided into 8 smaller pieces. It was played with two players and everyone used three pillars (wood or bone, beans, chickpeas, walnuts, etc.) of the same color or kind. There was a lottery about who would start first. Each player was entitled to move only once.

The goal of the game was to make each player to place their three pillars in a row (trias) internally or peripherally of the circle, while preventing the other from doing the same. Whoever did a trias was the winner. If none did it, then they called it a tie. In both cases the game was repeated.

In your hands, you keep a replica of the ancient Greek game "spherical trias", which later in the Byzantine years was named "triodin". It belongs to the intellectual games of chequers and has been quite popular with the Romans, known as the "tabula lusoria".

A number of such trias chequers were found among archaeological finds. A representative one is the spherical trias found on a slab of the ancient Nikopolis road, a city built on the peninsula that separates the Amvrakikos Gulf from the Ionian Sea, opposite Aktio. Also, in the same excavation, there were two stone marbles that possibly belonged to this game.

In addition, several chequers of this particular board game were found on plates of the historic city of Philippi, while the enormous spherical trias was found engraved, almost crafted, on Maximus Street, under Thessaloniki, revealing that Roman soldiers and centurions were playing trias on this lively street.

You recieve: a 39 x 5.5 cm circular wooden packing, wooden pillows, lining designed on leather, wooden lashing, knitted linen cloth, description of 2 pages.

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