The Game of the Nines Set (Nine Men's Morris)

The Game of Nines (or Nine Men's Morris in English) is a strategy board game for two players dating back to ancient Greece. The basic principle of the game is to get three pieces of their own colour in a row. The rules are simple, however, don't let them fool you - the game offers countless strategic moves, so the ways to win are endless!

To give you a few hints, its original name in Greek is "Enneada" or "Enniapetro", meaning "nine stones".

It is an excellent quality wooden board game, made entirely by hand by Kotsanas Museum, and is loved by kids!

As it is handmade, we have limited quanitities available - order now before they go out of stock!

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Partner: Museum of Ancient Greek Technology
Product Code: 012-KD3P
15x5x3 cm
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