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The Lethe Harp – The ancient Greek Harp of Oblivion – Epigonion (Psaltery) – 22string Harp

This is one of our ancient Greek harps, invented by a legendary musician and instrument inventor: Epigonus of Ambracia. Its name, Lethe, is a central concept in the Ancient Greek Philosophy meaning oblivion.

Manufactured at the premises of the ancient Europos (Northern Greece) by a family of musicians and luthiers, the “Ancient Harp of Epigonus” is made of (and only) natural materials available during the antiquity. This ancient artifact was evolved to become a modern music instrument ready to be used by both amateur and professional musicians (for example, a modern tuning method was chosen instead of the ancient hard-to-use one).

For all the minor (but very important) alterations, latest technologies were used during the prototyping phase (such as 3d Modeling).

This epigonion has 18 strings. Almost all the parts are made by mahogany wood (soundbox, arms etc.), the tuning are made by ebony and mulberry wood, the bottom part of the strings are attached to animal skin, while the plectrum is manufactured by wood. The ancient Greek harp’s height is 50 cm with 48 cm width, while its thickness is 6 cm. The length of the strings that are vibrating is from 18 to 43 cm (starting from the far side of the instrument (when the musican is playing the instrument).

Along with every harp, a handbook is provided including all the different ancient Greek scales (for tuning the harp) in the Aristoxenian tradition such as the Mixolydian, the Phrygian, the Dorian etc. What’s more, the oldest music melodies that had survived are also included such as the Hellenistic “Seikilos Epitaph” (2.000 years old, the oldest known complete melody of the human kind), and further descriptions regarding what modes were used in the antiquity for evoking specific feelings such as sorrow, happiness, bravery etc.

Since the beginning of 2015, every Luthieros harp comes with a wooden plectrum, an extra set of nylon strings and a unique hand-strap (in Greek: “τελαμών”). A premium package, for a premium and authentic music instrument!

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Partner: Tabula Lusoria
Product Code: 021-SKL-8
wood, leather, gut strings, metal
50x48x6 cm
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