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When Time Began: Parmenion's Sundial

Parmenion was a Macedonian general in the service of Philip the Second and Alexander the Great. He participated in many battles contributing to the spread of the Macedonian State and in Alexander’s campaign to conquer Persia. He soon gained Philip’s trust and became his most important strategist. After a series of successful battles that established him as a powerful general, he accompanied Alexander in his great expedition to Asia, where things did not develop as expected for himself, but also for his son, Philotas.

After the conquest of Drangiana, Alexander was informed that Philotas was involved in a conspiracy against his life. So, Philotas was condemned by the army and put to death. Alexander, fearing the consequences if he were to allow Parmenion to live, sent orders to Media for the assassination of Parmenion, although there was no proof that he was participated in the conspiracy. Parmenion wasn’t even afforded the opportunity of defending himself, since Alexander sent an officer to the Civic with order to kill him, before the news of his son’s execution arrived and without causing the least turmoil to the army, as it did happen.

This portable sundial is the invention of this great general that showed the time based on the movement of the sun. The transported solar clocks of antiquity date from the 2nd century BC onwards, since their inventor, Parmenion, lived in Alexandria in the 2nd century BC. The portable sundial of Parmenion was discovered by archaeologist Stylianos Pelekanidis in Philippi, Macedonia, in 1965, during excavations. Its diameter was about 7 cm. and it was made of copper.

Since it is one of the rarest finds of its kind, it is very unique as a gift. The portable sundial of Parmenion gives you the opportunity to discover how time began and the ability to stand out with a touch from the past.

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