The Virgin Glykofilousa icon (30x23 cm)

The Virgin Glykofilousa, egg tempera on wooden panel, gold-plated (22K), gilded and engraved. Icon by Sophia Portalaki-Armaou, copy of a detail from The Virgin Glykofilousa, late 15th c., permanent exhibition The Icons of the Zacharias Portalakis Collection 15th-20th c.

The 15th-century icon now at the Historical Museum of Crete depicts Virgin and Child in a Byzantine iconographic type which is particularly popular as it manages to depict motherly love and affection despite the strictness of the style. The original icon is part of the Zacharias Portalakis collection, which was donated to the Museum in 2014.

This image is a copy of the original, created by Sofia Portalaki. Through a special collaboration with the Museum, the award-winning hagiographer (who also happens to be collector Zacharias Portalakis’ twin sister) gives visitors the opportunity to "bring a museum piece home” by creating certified copies of the exhibition’s icons. Using the traditional wood-burning technique, with gold leaf (22K) polished with agate as well as the special technique of engraved gold, Portalaki creates museum replicas which are, at the same time, autonomous works of art.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
Product Code: 007-AA1
egg tempera on wooden panel, gold-plated (22K)
30x23 cm.
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