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Narrative by British soldier Reg Spurr of his participation in the Battle of Crete. Spurr remained on the island from the end of October 1940 to the end of May 1941. Series of Testimonies 1, Society of Cretan Historical Studies. Bilingual edition in Greek and English.

This is the extensive narrative of veteran Reg Spurr, which is the fisrt detailed soldier’s testimony for the Battle of Crete, which left deep marks to the soldiers who participated in. In a single narrative Spurr unfolds in detail his memories, edited and published by the Society of Cretan Historical Studies. Readers have the opportunity to experience the Battle of Crete through the eyes of simple soldiers, through their everyday life and shape, through the narration of unknown incidents, a slightly different view of the events that took place.

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Partner: The Historical Museum of Crete
Product Code: 007-15
12x17 cm.
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