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"Twelve Gods" Backgammon (Medium)

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Tavli board, portraying the Twelve Olympian Gods. It is designed to be functional and educative by George Yonas. Made in Greece, by Manopoulos.

They say that relationships are based on fun, mutual respect and a little playful competition, which is why board games were ever invented (other than the fact that people didn't know what to do with their time, in the ancient times).

Backgammon is one of the oldest board games that exist today. It certainly requires a combination of strategy and luck when playing. It eventually became known in Greece and was given the name "Pessi". It became known in Europe quite fast and spread during the Middle ages.

Backgammon had its own dark ages as it was banned from time to time, and especially in England where in the 15th century, a decree issued from the Royal Court of England ordered all backgammon to be burnt.

The English players though were determined to save their favorite game and created folding board that looked like books when they were closed - hence that backgammon always folds and hides away.

The backgammon (called Tavli in Greek, from the word table or tavla) makes an excellent gift throughout the year. And if a regular board game is a good gift, you know what makes for an even better one? A fancy, hand made, collectible one, from gogreek. This backgammon is made of wood, from the award winning designer George Yonas and features The Twelve Gods. It comes with a muslin bag with wooden round pawns that makes playing a pleasure.

Order yours today as we have limited supply available and are highly collectable!

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Product Code: 018-GGBACKGAM-003
Length 30 cm Width 15 cm Height 4 cm
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